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720 Robbins Station Rd

N. Huntingdon, PA 15642

(724) 515-7114

Hours of Operation:

Tues & Thurs: 9 to 9

Wednesday: 11 to 9

Friday: 10 to 6

Saturday: 8 to 3

"At Synergy Salon and Day Spa our massage therapists are pleased to offer a variety of massages and massage packages."










Massage Services

-Signature Massage-

A customized massage created just for you. From a gentle touch to a deep tissue, our customized massages are the perfect blend of massage techniques and therapeutic body work. One of our licensed massage therapists will work with you to design a session that addresses your specific needs.

30 min. Signature ~ 40

45 min. Signature ~ 55

60 min. Signature ~ 65

75 min. Signature ~ 80

90 min. Signature ~ 95

-Hot Stone Massage-

Warm up with our therapeutic stones and relax while the heat penetrates deeply into your muscles, melting away your built-up layers of tension and stress.

60 min. Signature ~ 80

75 min. Signature ~ 95

90 min. Signature ~ 110

-Prenatal Massage-

Prenatal massage is a specialized, pampering massage for the mother-to-be after her first trimester. Soothing massage helps to release back muscles and tension common with pregnancy

60 min. Signature ~ 80

90 min. Signature ~ 110

-Sports Massage-

During Sports Massage specific muscle groups are targeted, stretched and tracked to soothe and invigorate muscles before or after sports activity. Sports Massage helps excel recovery time, increase range of motion and reduce in injury reduction.

30 min. Signature ~ 50

60 min. Signature ~ 85

90 min. Signature ~ 110

120 min. Signature ~ 130

-Foot Scrub- ~12

End your massage with a stimulating and exfoliating foot scrub.

-Back Polish- ~12

End your massage with an invigorating back polish that exfoliates and revitalizes!

-Reflexology Sampler- ~15

An ancient form of massage that focuses on the feet: an area that contains reflex points that correspond to all of the organs in the body. This extra attention is a great stress reliever . . . total relaxation. (Additional 10 minutes)

-Treat for Your Feet- ~20

We use a special scrub designed to gently exfoliate the feet and then follow with a deep hydration treatment. (Additional 10 minutes)

-Aromatherapy with All Sessions- ~Complimentary

Scent has the most profound effect on the body’s five senses. Choose from one of our essential oil blends to enhance your massage experience.

Note: State law requires that any guest under the age of 18 requesting a massage must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.

Check out our massage packages. This is the most afforable way to benefit from our massage experts.

Please take notice of our cancelation policy as it will be implemented, click here for more important details.

"Our massage therapists are eager to alleviate symptoms you may experience caused by multiple, daily factors of everyday living or certain specified medical conditions. Call for an appointment today!"